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Long and Short Term Storage Solutions

Long- and Short-Term Storage Solutions

Welcome to My 3 Sons Moving, your reliable partner for easy moves and storage in Kentucky, US. We provide both long-term and short-term storage alternatives to meet your specific requirements. Our secure warehouse is an excellent choice for long-term storage since it offers a safe place for your possessions to be kept. Looking for a short-term solution? For handy, short-term storage, consider our lockable, movable trailers. You can keep your belongings there and retrieve them anytime you need. Put your belongings in our experienced hands throughout your journey because we guarantee to keep them protected and secure.

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For those who need it, we provide long-term storage for movers. Whether you want storage for a month or more than a year, we can accommodate your needs. You can trust the security of your belongings to our two warehouses in Richmond and Winchester. Our temperature control options, and round-the-clock security systems will keep your belongings secure. Each month, we treat our warehouses with pesticide and have experts inspect them to make sure they are bug free. Keeping something for an extended period isn’t just for people’s homes. Your automobile, recreational vehicle, boat, lawnmower, exercise machine, etc., may all find a home with us. All our customers’ demands are our priority. Contact a member of our staff for assistance in developing a storage strategy, if you need assistance with the safekeeping of any unique items.


Our newest facility, our short-term storage, is also available to our clients. Our facility offers short-term storage options for those who need it for reasons such as renovation, delayed closure, etc. With our mobile storage option, you can save half the labor cost of loading and unloading your furniture. We can handle any household size with our fleet of trailers. Just lock up your belongings in our mobile storage unit, and we can either take them to our warehouse or leave them at your residence. In any case, you won’t incur any extra costs for having to relocate your belongings again. Finding workable solutions for our clients is a top priority for My 3 Sons Moving.

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