The benefits of using a licensed and insured moving company

Moving can be an exciting but often challenging experience. Whether you’re relocating to a new home or office, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. The most critical aspect of your relocation is hiring a moving company to transfer your household goods. Most people go to the internet, social media, friends and family, or coworkers for directions in finding a mover.

The internet will yield a whole host of companies promising excellent service and value often backed up by many reviews that may or may not be real. Most online moving directories are brokers from other states who contract thousands of moves across the country with the hope that they may have a truck in that area on your moving date. What usually happens is they are unable to service your job and scramble to find someone to subcontract the job for a very low rate.

Most reputable, licensed and insured moving companies will not subcontract these jobs because they are not profitable. The only movers that will typically take them are unlicensed, uninsured, and unprofessional. We get several calls a month from customers who were left out in the cold on moving day because they booked with an online broker.

It is hard to determine if these internet brokers are local or some office in a different state. They have nice websites and professional sales agents. To protect yourself be certain you hire a licensed mover with an office in your departure or destination city. This will allow you to receive assistance from your mover with any issues that may come up, because getting ongoing support with moving your household goods is one of the signs of a reputable, professional moving company.

Don’t Rely On Only Word-Of-Mouth When Selecting A Mover

Social media, friends, family, and coworkers can provide you with recommendations from others who have used a company and can provide honest feedback of anticipated services. Be sure to call the mover and talk with them. Ask questions about hourly rates, fees and charges. Most licensed, reputable local movers will have similar rates in terms of hourly charges. Many charge extras for stairs, heavy items, insurance etc. Ask to see a copy of the contract you will be asked to sign in advance. Get a clear understanding of the insurance coverage provided for your belongings.

Professional Moving Companies Protect The Customer First

There are lots of people that have moved for professional companies that will advertise moving services. They are often nice and very capable movers. They will rent a truck or trailer and then do your move for cash. They can afford to do the move at a heavily discounted rate because they have no insurance, no workers comp, no office nor any regulatory compliance costs. They may have a nice website with good sales skills. You can save money by taking this route.

If there are any accidents that occur, you will be left with no liability coverage. If a mover falls in your home and is injured, then you as the homeowner are liable – if the company has no workers comp. If the rental truck is wrecked and all your belongings are destroyed, then there is no coverage for you. A deep scratch in your hardwood floors or damage to an expensive appliance is not covered.

In the State of Kentucky, the household goods moving industry is heavily regulated. To obtain a Kentucky Household Goods Moving Certificate you must satisfy several requirements from the State:

  • You must have a clean criminal background.
  • You must have your own truck, maintain proof of both cargo and truck insurance on file.
  • You must maintain proof of workers compensation insurance which will protect the homeowner in the event of an employee accident.
  • You must also maintain published tariff rates on file with the State, which prevents changes in prices or rates.

Do Your Due Diligence To Get Professional & Reliable Moving Services

After 25 years of experience in the moving industry we at My 3 Sons Moving would give the following advice to a customer looking to hire a mover: Have you seen their truck? A moving company’s number one source of advertising is its truck. A mover must have all their licensing and regulatory standards from the state up to date and on file if they have a lettered truck on the road. The Kentucky state police will often stop and check these vehicles for compliance. If a company is using a U-Haul or Penske truck or any unmarked vehicle, then they are probably unlicensed and uninsured. If you regularly see a company’s trucks on the road, then it is an indicator that other families are using them, and they are a reputable moving company.

In conclusion simply take a few steps before hiring a professional mover for your upcoming relocation.

  • Determine whether they have an office nearby.
  • Do they have a lettered truck of their own?
  • What do real people (realtors, friends, coworkers) say about their service?
  • Do they have a Department of Transport Number (DOT #) and if traveling out of state a Moving Company Number (MC #)?
  • Most importantly do they have a Kentucky Household Goods Carriers Certificate?

We have included a link to the Kentucky State website which will list every mover in the state which holds a valid license. There are lots of good quality movers in Kentucky. Be sure to take a little time to find a licensed one. Feel free to call our office with any questions you might have about your upcoming move.